Creating an app is a serious job which requires various steps to reach the final destination. It is nice if you are thinking of it as the apps are the future of the world. The growth is visible through the digits associated with it; there were 149.3 apps downloads in 2016, it grew to 197 billion in 2017 and expected to proliferate to 352.9 billion in 2021. Obviously, the data provides enough courage to start with. Think before starting that it is simple to start but difficult to complete. It is not a single day effort instead requires long-term patience and time to build.

The incredible innovation provides infinite opportunities to explore. But wait for a second, your app can become a successful reality only if you have proper guidance to follow. Without following the proper guide, the app has no future as it is dumped without notice. Better to be sure that your money and efforts derive the result and the app reaches to recommendation list.

guide for creating mobile app

Steps To Follow For Building An Excellent App

  • Ideation & Conceptualization: Having an idea about an app is great to possess. Undoubtedly, you are on the first step that can predict the future growth of the app. This step provides the insight whether you can pursue your idea further or little changes is required. Hard to listen, but this can also be the deciding stage that can help you realize that it is an absolute waste to pursue with it. Therefore, Revolux advised proper analysis on this stage to know the answers for relevant questions. The idea is efficient or not? What problems it is solving? What about its application? The final product delivers an effective solution or not?
  • Monetization: It is obvious that the budget should be planned in the starting. Even before developing an app, you should know where your money is deployed in the entire production stage.
  • Designing & User Experience: It is appropriate to follow a user-centric approach where the design is tailor-made with a view to providing the enhanced user experience. Consequently, app layouts and UI/UX design requires utmost care and attention. Revolux focuses on the role of proper branding, logo, brand colours and interface.
  • The Development Phase: It begins with the coding in a way that ensures Smooth functioning of the app. The best resources are utilized at the development stage. If you are not sure of developing an app, look for an experienced developer or hire an app development firm, depending on the budget. The team of developing experts at Revolux suggests precise methods of development that ensures next-generation solutions.
  • Testing & Debugging: Even thought your app is ready, it is not final in all aspect. Your app cannot hit the store and people will surely not give space in their phone if it contains bugs. All the bugs and errors are eliminated before the app reaches the app store. Revolux Solutions instruct several tests for improvising the app.
  • Delivery & Maintenance: The app is registering in the app store, it implies that your work is over. No, your job actually starts from this step. Maintenance of app is as valuable as the development of an app. Otherwise, people will stop using the app. Regular updates will help the app to grow in the market. According to Revolux opinions, the creator is responsible for providing updates on a routine basis. Furthermore, they should constantly check the data and numbers associated with the app.

Even though one follows the guide completely and hope to enlist their app in the desired list. There are still certain points that are utmost important to keep in mind.

Do’s Of Developing An App

  • Thorough Market research is indispensable before thinking of app.
  • Existing Competition is the key factor to notice.
  • Be ready with the monetization plan in the starting to deploy funds in various activities.
  • Marketing efforts is required to reach the audience and it cannot be ignored.
  • The app should be consistent with multi-platforms.
  • Prioritize your priorities and plan accordingly.
  • Use the app yourself for observing the experience it would give to users.

Don’t Of Developing An App

  • Overconfident about the app and not creating the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  • Never underestimate or overestimate the target users.
  • Believe that One can control everything is a myth.
  • The design which takes so much space is not a right choice for users.
  • Neglecting the importance of time. Plan it on appropriate time-not early, not late.

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