Whether you are a Startup, Enterprise business or just an app developer that is launching your new app in the App market, you would notice that some apps get success overnight, while others take several months or even years to reach that point of success, while several fail along with way. It is important that your app get that desired success and not get dumped without being noticed by target-audience? The phase is true “slow and steady wins the race”. Whether your App is getting likeability in a single day or a year, there is one common thing you need to perform. That is- Managing Reputation of your app Post Launch. Maybe one created a lot of buzz before launching the app and that app is a hit in no time. But still, there is a need to sustain the reputation of the app to reap the benefits in the long term. Otherwise, people will uninstall the app in a single click without second thoughts.

mobile app post launch

Well, there is a lot of planning and efforts are required in earning that silver spoon so that it can serve you throughout. Surely, there is no magic wand for it. And it is a consistent job to maintain the reputation of app. As the Pre-launch strategies are crucial, Post-launch strategies are crucial too. Sometimes, the Post Launch activities can make all the difference. You need to meticulous plan for ongoing effort to ensure a success of your app. So you need to focus your efforts on both the pre-launch and post launch activity, keeping your app constantly tweaked keeping it visible and in line with the requirements of your user base.

What Should Be Done To Manage Reputation Mobile-App Post-Launch?

Role of marketing: So after months of conducting user interviews, requirement, prototyping, design, development testing efforts you have finally built your app and strategically planned the marketing in the Pre-Launch period. The app launch was really great and attracted the desired results initially. But the job is not over yet. Instead, it starts and you should be ready with the Post-Launch Marketing strategies. You need to look out for metrics that ensure customer retention in a long time. Do whatever it takes- write blogs on business pages or go for video ads on Social Media Platforms. But do it, as it helps in generating constant awareness about the brand and drive traffic to your site and to your app download pages. Also whenever you update the app, use your App’s update description space optimally to market the new features that you launched. Use App Store spaces to convey what is the new features and how is it beneficial, what issues have been fixed in an interesting manner.

Maintenance is the Key: Well, there is no use of Marketing if your app users are complaining app crashes and usability issues. You need to resolve these on the priority basis. See which platform Users (Android or iOS) are facing difficulty and update it accordingly. It can generate a lot of negative publicity if your app is not performing the way it is designed. Maintenance is something which is mandatory and has to be done throughout the life of mobile-app.

Constantly Improve your User Retention, User Engagement and User Experience: You may have adopted various strategies for initial user acquisition as part of your launch strategies. However post launch you need to not only ensure that you have retained those initial user base, but are also constantly focused on how users are engaging with your app in real world and what has been their user experience with the app. So focus heavily by monitoring how effective and intuitive is your user experience and how many customers you are retaining post sign-up. This is extremely important for your app success, you need to ensure that your users not only download your app but also continue to user it and even recommend your app to others.

Try it yourself- It is a good way to experience consumer experience yourself. It will help you to check the time for download it is taking. If it is taking so much time to download or occupies too much space that could also be a concern for end users. Secondly, it will help to know if they are facing any problems associated with compatibility and storage issues. Even small changes can play a big role in your mobile-app reputation.

Encourage feedback and listen to feedback: It is a common habit of consumers to check review online before downloading the app. So, there is a crucial need to encourage feedback. Many people want to write about the brands and sometimes they are clueless about where to right. And they keep it to themselves. Your positive reviews need to be heard in the market. Provide a platform for it. Check whether people are writing negative reviews of the product on Social Media Platforms like Quora, Facebook or Instagram. Also, listen to the feedback and improve it.  If the update requires time, at least email them or reply in the review and guarantee the solution. A common email is bad for the reputation; send emails depending on customer’s requirement, personalize them.

Also ensure whenever you get a feedback or negative review on the App Store, you have responded to each and every one of them. Pay attention to your customer support and respond to your user queries and issues.

Over Notifications, can be a Turn off: Notifications are a good way to promote the app. But pushy notifications and constantly interrupting consumers when they are using a cell phone should be avoided. Additionally, there should be a quick way to abort the notifications to provide the best experience of the App. If you are consistently sending unnecessary notifications, it can be annoying to your customers and can impact your app negatively. An irritated customer may not stay loyal to your app and may be quick uninstall it.

Target audience: Calculate the number of audiences who are using the app. It may be the case, that you have calculated a large number of audiences or the target audience is not using the app. Target that special group again on a priority basis. Also look at the specific features that are interesting to your user base and also look at the ones that are not being used well enough or used at all by your users. Keep track of important metrics like Number of App Installs, Daily/Monthly Active Users, Churn Rate, Average User Session Duration, Product Specific Feature Engagement Metrics like Orders Booked, Sales and Revenue, Customer Satisfaction Rate, App Store Rating/Review etc. Keep optimizing the app by focusing on the right metrics to understand what needs to be tweaked or upgraded and who are you are actual target user groups and keep them at an optimal level at all times.

Next Generation Solutions: Updates are mandatory even if the app is in good condition.  Also, it should change with changing time as per the needs of your current and future generation of user group. Supposedly, if your competitor offers more updated features, then no one can help them to switch to that app.

Launch schemes: Incentives work in almost every situation. Sharing the app on digital Media Platforms – Facebook and Instagram should be promoted. Also if you are providing discount coupons or free vouchers for using the app.  If you are creative enough, you can even run some contest to win that TRP for your app. Try and see what works better for your product.

Prioritize the Priority: Whether we talk about the research of your product after launch, maintaining it or marketing it. Everything is important for your brand image and if any step is missed, the product fails. It is a very famous saying “If you have so many priorities, you don’t have any priority. So start setting your priority list. For Example, it is more important to figure out the crash rather than running a contest for the promotion of the app.

While one can try to plan and perform all the task of design, development, UI/UX, maintenance, debugging, testing, marketing, promotion of the app, pre-launch and post launch activities, app store optimization on their own, it can be an extremely daunting task, resource intensive and time consuming activity. You can instead also considering hire a company who excels in all these activities and relevant fields, so you can focus on earn money as well as a reputation for your product. Revolux Solutions is one such firm that can provide you the necessary services needed to help you build your app brand and reputation in the market.  They provide the much-needed App Design, UI/UX, Development, Maintenance, Support Services, App Store Optimization, Metrics Tracking, Digital Marketing and several other services, while you can focus cent percent on growing your business.  You can even join them before launching the app as they help in both Pre-Launch and Post-Launch activities. We have been featured as the most promising app development firms of 2018 & can work for the reputation of your App brand.