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Mobile apps open up an endless world of possibilities, where you can evolve your business or flourish your startup and expand your reach. Our developers ensure that you get the right app that suits your requirements and the type of industry you are into.

To prepare the right app for you, we require ideas. And in this case, we depend on our clients to come with some better ideas that promise a future in the world of mobile apps. We take these ideas and perform some serious analytical and reasoning tests to analyze the reliability of the idea. Only the best ideas make it to the developer’s desk. But do not worry; we directly do not dismiss any ideas. Our team of analysts also provides guidance and supports on various aspects of your ideas so that at the end you can come up with the advanced and modified version of your idea. These ideas are polished finely to add the touch and essence of the real-world. The ideas are required to be promising and productive so that the final output does not prove to be fruitless.

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Why Revolux Solutions?

Revolux Solutions has been working hard to develop and deliver the apps of your dream. We do not wish to take over the world in a day; we plan to do it by developing a network of clients and establish a company that provides all the services required for the digital world. We provide an immense group of services that will help you boost your reach and production.

Revolux understands your ideas and has the capability to turn them into reality.

We work in harmony with the clients and grasp the essential ideas to develop an app that matches and resembles the original idea.

Developing iOS applications at Revolux

Revolux has been associated with the creation and building of many mobile apps. Our developers have a vast knowledge and expertise in fields of iOS app development. Our strategic approach toward the development has ensured that the created app is lively and beautiful that occupies a good spot in the Apple Store. We understand the value of your app and idea and we commit to deliver only the best. Our methodology of developing an iOS app involves an integration of various sections of ideation, planning, development and designing, and many services. We maintain a transparent relationship with our clients, so there is little room for misconceptions and errors.


The right idea is necessary for developing the perfect iOS app. We maintain a friendly atmosphere with our clients and listen to all the points that they put forward regarding their vision of the mobile app. Our group of analysts measures the potential and uniqueness of the idea to ensure that the app that might be built upon the idea has ample chances to flourish and grow. We provide reports and suggestions to the clients to help them understand the sluggish and the robust parts of their ideas. We maintain a secure environment and do not distribute the idea to our clients at any cost.


After selecting the right idea, our team of analysts then discusses the resources and technologies that can be used in developing the mobile iOS app. Our developers have an excellent command of the technologies and are capable of incorporating multiple technologies to help create a magnificent iOS app. After the effective listing of resources and selective technologies, the task is moved one step further in the process of reality.


Our team of designers creates an efficient and appealing look for the app. We do not want our app to be dull and less attractive in any way. A precise blueprint is set with the consent of the client. Our team of designers is equipped with the knowledge and skill of the latest technologies. We keep in mind the competition that exists in the real world. So we try to create a new layout each time we build an app.


iOS apps require a lot of codes to be written for an interactive and smooth functioning of the app. This part of the development is crucial for ensuring the proper operation of the iOS app. Our developers are committed to delivering the right blend of technologies and functions. The clients are assured that our developers leave no stone unturned to help you get the right tools for your idea. By the end of this process, the idea has started to take shape. Reality is being established.


Our developers write effective codes so as to minimize the chances of occurrence of any errors. But there might be some errors that arise due to some reasons. These are taken care of at the time of testing. We have a bunch of testers who solely work to ensure that the program/app is free of errors. In case of the occurrence of any errors, the app is sent for debugging where the error causing lines are modified. We test our apps in various scenarios that are done to simulate the real-life scenarios. We ensure that the iOS application developed can withstand huge traffic, download request, transaction and still be effective.


After thorough and rigorous checking and debugging the app is finally ready to be delivered. We vow to deliver your app within the stipulated amount of time. Revolux has always stood for fair pricing of services, and we charge effectively and at less cost than what other companies offer with limited services.


Our job doesn’t end after delivering the iOS application. We ensure that the app runs smoothly and extend our services beyond at a nominal pay. We provide services like digital marketing for your application, delivering statistical information about the app and also educating your staff about the usage and administration of the app.

Let’s work together to experiences the power of iOS Apps.

Benefits of App Development with Revolux Solutions

  • We provide 100% assurance of cloaking your ideas from the outer world.

  • Our group of developers can create apps for any type of business.

  • We integrate multiple technologies to ensure that your app outstands the other apps in the same category.

  • We provide additional features that can be added to the iOS app development, like cloud data storage, secure transactions, website development and many more.

  • We provide apps at feasible and economic prices.

  • We provide the best marketing for your apps.

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Customer Testimonials

We encourage everyone to come up with their ideas and establish firm roots with their iOS apps.

I’m extremely happy with the work Revolux team did for Snapper. Their techical expertise, project management, communication and delivery capabilities can be counted amongst the best I have experienceed. These guys are awesome and have worked on my DAPP (Distributed Mobile App) and couple of my Blockchain based ICO Portal Development projects in tight deadlines. I have engaged them on several projects since over a year and my experience has been really good and there is no doubt I will continue to use their service and commend their partnering approach to software development.

Naresh Jain, Co-Founder - Leading Blockchain Company

It has been 2 years we have been working with Revolux for our various app and portal development projects and we are happy with this long term with Revolux. They deliver what they commit while ensuring we met our business goals. They have sucessfully devliered our iOS, Android and Web Portal development projects for our hospitals and I’m happy to recommend them as a development service partner.

Ziauddin Sayed, Group IT Director, Leading Healthcare Company

We have been truly impressed with the quality of Revolux’s work. Revolux has both expereince and collaborative approach to help create increadible cross platform mobile apps and digital marketing for my client projects. We have been working with them for over a year and they have helped in projects right from idea/mockups to revenue in 3 months for some projects. The speed and quality Revolux provided was essential for our Smart Home/Office customers. I would highly recommend Revolux to anyone building a cross platform mobile/web apps for startups or established businesses.

Sachiin Jain, Director - Leading Smart Office Solutions Company

praskash shettyRevolux was able to complete my web development project exactly the way I wanted it, after I had previously engaged two companies who failed to deliver project even after 1 year. Luckily I found Revolux through a reference and they delivered professional quality work on time at the right price for a small medium business owner like me. I find them to be a professional, dependable team and I continue using their support.

Prakash Shetty, Owner - Engineering Services Company

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