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Are you a student who is looking for a job in the web development industry? Do you want to learn the latest and most in-demand technologies and frameworks? Do you want to gain hands-on experience and build your portfolio? If yes, then this post is for you.
We are offering a free course on Angular, NodeJS, and Postgresql, which are some of the most popular and widely used tools for creating modern and dynamic web applications. By taking this course, you will learn how to:
  • Create front-end user interfaces using Angular, a powerful and versatile framework that supports reactive programming, data binding, routing, and testing.

  • Build back-end servers and APIs using NodeJS, a fast and scalable environment that runs JavaScript code outside the browser, and supports asynchronous and event-driven programming.

  • Store and manipulate data using Postgresql, a robust and reliable relational database system that supports SQL and JSON queries, transactions, and concurrency.

The course is designed for beginners who have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The course is self-paced and consists of video lectures, quizzes, assignments, and projects. You will also have access to mentors and peers who will help you along the way.
But that’s not all. Upon completing the course, you will also have a chance to apply for an internship opportunity with us, where you will work on real-world projects and gain valuable experience and exposure. Post completion of internship there is a also a possibility of getting job placement with us. The internship will also enhance your resume and increase your chances of landing a full-time job in the web development industry.

Amazing Benefits

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in learning Angular, NodeJS, and Postgresql, and getting an internship opportunity, sign up for the course today and start your journey to becoming a web developer. The course is free and open for a limited time only, so don’t miss this opportunity. Enroll now and get ready to learn, create, and grow.

Pre-Requisite Technical Knowledge

✓ Computer Programming
✓ Algorithms
✓ Flowcharts
✓ Conditional Statement
✓ Iterative Statement
✓ Variables, Data Types
✓ Control Structures & Looping
✓ Arrays
✓ Object oriented programing with Java
✓ Strings
✓ Exception Handling
✓ File Handling & IO
✓ Wrapper Classes
✓ Object Serialization
✓ Collection Framework & Lambda Expressions
✓ Filtering Collections
✓ Multi-Threading & Thread Life Cycle

✓ Text formatting Tags
✓ HTML Structures – List, Tables
✓ HTML Forms
✓ Fieldset and Legend Tag
✓ HTML5 elements
✓ Audio,Video tags
✓ Types of CSS
✓ CSS Selectors
✓ CSS Properties
✓ CSS Advanced Properties
✓ CSS3 Properties
✓ Transition Properties
✓ Keyframe Animation
✓ Responsive Layout
✓ Media Queries

✓ Layout and Content
✓ Bootstrap components
✓ Bootstrap utilities
✓ Bootstrap icons
✓ Forms
✓ Utilities
✓ Form Grid
✓ Gutters
✓ Horizontal Form
✓ Horizontal Form Label Sizing
✓ Column Sizing
✓ Auto-Sizing
✓ Inline Forms
✓ Variables and Datatypes
✓ Control Structure
✓ Functions
✓ Anonymous Function
✓ Arrow Function
✓ JavaScript Objects
✓ Window – Screen,Location,History
✓ Document object
✓ DOM Property Manipulation

Free Full Stack Course – Topics Covered

✓ Basics of Typescript & Angular
✓ Event Handling
✓ Directives
✓ Data Binding
✓ Pipes & Custom Pipes
✓ Component Communication
✓ Services
✓ RxJS
✓ Observables
✓ Server Side Rendering ✓ Dependency Injection
✓ Backend API Call using HttpService
✓ Integrating APIs
✓ Advanced Routing
✓ Template Driven Forms
✓ Reactive Forms, Custom Validators
✓ Angular Modules
✓ Integration with Angular Material
✓ Build and Deploy Angular Application
✓ Building Progressive Web Application

✓ What is Node.js?
✓ Installation
✓ Features of NodeJS
✓ Use of NodeJS
✓ Event loop in NodeJS
✓ Express in Nodejs
✓ Api in NodeJS
✓ SetTimeout and Promises in NodeJS
✓ Folder Structure of NodeJS
✓ Create Get Post Put Delete Rest APIs
✓ Streams and Events in NodeJS
✓ Modules in NodeJS
✓ Http
✓ Asynchronous Programming
✓ FileSystem
✓ Sending Email
✓ Adding Authentication
✓ Error Handling
✓ File Upload and Download
✓ Sending Email
✓ Securing your APIs
✓ REST API – Backend Frontend and Integration – using Express, Postgresql and Angular

✓ Database Management System
✓ Postgres – SQL Syntax
✓ Data Manipulation Language
✓ Data Query Language
✓ Built in functions in Postgres
✓ Sub-Query & Joins & Aggregations
✓ Working with Tables
✓ Understanding Datatypes
✓ Filtering Records, Sorting Records, Grouping
✓ Understanding Sub-Queries
✓ Sub-Query & Joins
✓ Stored Procedure and Function
✓ Cursor
✓ Triggers

✓ Understand the fundamentals of TypeScript and its benefits over JavaScript
✓ Master TypeScript syntax, data types, and type annotations
✓ Classes and Interfaces
✓ Generics
✓ Decorators
✓ Modules and Namespaces
✓ Conditions, Loops, Type Guards
✓ Understand and fix TypeScript errors
✓ Integrate TypeScript into Angular and Node/Express projects
✓ Utilize TypeScript interfaces and classes for creating reusable and maintainable code
✓ Apply TypeScript features such as decorators, generics, and modules
✓ Explore advanced TypeScript concepts, including union and intersection types

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Criteria :

  1. Only Applicants who are based out of Mumbai.
  2. Those with a passion for Programming and display that passion through some of their projects.
  3. Students with Computer Science Background only – graduates or in their final semester.
  4. Latest CV with current skillset and detailed project explanation should be provided.
  5. Clear the initial round of interview to get this free training opportunity.

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