Plan Towards Automating The General Queries Of The Clients.

AI chatbots are increasingly taking over the initial communication jobs by easing the stress on the business and effectively contributing to the economy of the organization. This is made possible by answering the basic queries and assisting the clients in the most natural way with the help of AI powered chatbots. Revolux Solutions has been pioneering in design and deployment of some of the smartest AI chatbots to assist your business and enhance the interaction with your clients. Let your chatbot do the initial talks for you.
Points To Consider Before You Get An AI Chatbot.

Chatbots have taken over the hectic tasks of replying to small queries that people post about the business. They are constantly being used to provide support and scale business teams in their relations with the customer. We have listed few points that would help you understand why AI chatbots are the next big thing for your business.

  • The Stats
    According to Global Web Index statistics, it is said that 75% of internet users adopt one or more messenger platforms
  • 24/7 Support
    Support so that you can attend all customers

  • Total assistance
    No personal bias present in chatbots. Unlike humans, chatbots do not experience mood shifts and any kind of bias
  • Distributed Working
    Unlike humans, chatbots can attend to many users simultaneously

  • Automation
    Automate your work for better results

  • No More Repetition
    Get rid of the repetitive boring tasks

  • Multiple Integrations
    Integrate your chatbots in multiple websites and expand the reach of your business

  • User Satisfaction
    Customers who use chatbot are found to be more satisfied

Know Your AI Chatbot

Revolux Solutions specialize in developing the best chatbots that are aptly developed to help your business function smoothly and provide assistance for it to expand. Our team of developers is equipped with the latest technologies and is capable of creating the desired chatbots that our clients wish for. We create chatbots that are:

Intelligence AI Chat

Develop chatbots that are intelligent and capable to attend the users and respond in the most desirable manner. We endeavour to design chatbots capable of answering questions and advance the proficiency and potential of the chatbot over time.


Chatbots are developed with the idea of limiting the human interaction by automating the work. This feature of the chatbot is further enhanced by our team of developers who ensure that the chatbots developed are reliable and aid the business in the long run.


Your chatbot is not just software, it is a virtual human. We create a genuine structure that merges with the users and understands their concern, instead of just asking the pre-defined questions. This human-like approach is the key factor for user’s indulgence.

AI Machine Learning

The chatbots are created with the advanced machine learning algorithms to help the chatbots to adapt and respond accordingly to the users. This helps in analyzing the trend and understands the query tone of the user.

AI Swift Response

Chatbots are created with the latest technologies that limit the time usage and increases throughput. This assures that the users don’t have to wait long for their queries to be answered.

Train Chatbot

To avoid confusion and ambiguities in the usage of the chatbot training, our group of developers works seamlessly to provide the upper hand in the business. We provide easier ways of training your chatbot. This releases the owner of the hardships involved with operating the chatbots.

AI Chat Bot Personalized

Get the right chatbot for your business. We maintain a transparent relationship with ample interactions between our clients and the developer team. Our set of chatbots is uniquely crafted to suit the target business and provide the maximum advantage and benefits of chatbots.


Do not just limit your chatbot to chatting and querying. We add messaging capabilities to the chatbot to allow convenient interactions. This helps in making appointments, booking for shows and much more. Unleash the complete power of the service by implementing an AI-powered chatbot.

Develop Your Chatbot With Revolux Solutions

Revolux solutions provide the best services and products in terms of AI chatbot. We house the best team of developers that are skilled in the genre of developing smart and intelligent chatbots for the enterprises. Our chatbots transcend the market and provide an upper edge. This is all done with equal cooperation between the clients and the team of developers. We take into account the needs and requirements of the client to design the chatbot that suits his motive. Our working mechanism is transparent to the client so that they can be sure and recline as they watch us build a powerful AI chatbot.
Our implementation policy comprises of the following steps:

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