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Mobile applications revolutionizing your business

Welcome to the world of Mobile App development. The world has gone “mobile”. Why hasn’t your brand? A business not going mobile is not going anywhere. Mobile App Development is the future of your business. We care about your business. Our top-notch developers brings life to your unbaked app ideas with nimble and immaculate codes and then turn them into user-engagingproducts. We are performance oriented and customer centric mobile app development company.

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We never settle for good, we settle only for the best. We are mobile fanatics, app adventurers and we breathe apps. Time has changed. The approach of business has shifted from web-centric to mobile-centric because mobile apps and mobile webs are the best way to connect to your target audience. We, at, Revolux, strive to delight our clients with the best, resilient and user-centric mobile apps. Unlock the genie in your mobile. The market is waiting for you.  Dominate the market with your mobile app.
We urge you to dream! We shall make it possible!

Scribbling the idea : Strategising Mobile App development

Behind every successful mobile application there is an idea. The most interesting thing is to turn your ideas into practicality. We don’t hurry, we take baby steps. Before executing the operations we first spend time with you scribbling ideas on a paper. Not every idea is a good idea. We then choose the best idea which has the potential to succeed. To do that, we adopt the most strategic approach, from market analysis to complete research, from content planning to competitive analysis, we leave no stone unturned to understand the viability and feasibility of your idea and make your app reach the zenith of success.

Wireframing : Adding life to UX design

After scribbling ideas, we move to the next stage, which is Wireframing. All the ideas are mixed together to decide a path which will take us to our ultimate goal. Our customised wireframes are discussed with all the people engaged in designing your mobile app so that everyone is on the same page. This will help all of us to together knit the success of the design and deliver the finished product in the first attempt itself.

Final Output: Developing mobile apps

After idea finalisation, its time to design and build your mobile app. Whether it is IOS app design or android app design, our ace developers are gifted with creativity and expertise in mobile app designing to transform your uncooked ideas into next generation products. Let the codes do the talking. Our mobile architects are born coders. They don’t write codes, they craft flawless codes which not only runs on precision but also captures your vision into perfect functioning apps.

Test, Debug, Deliver: The Green Signal

Our quality assurance is guaranteed and therefore we do a through testing time and again and if we come across any issues during the time of testing, it is fixed before the app hits the market. Close and constant monitoring is carried out since the start of the development and timely modifications are made, if any. App testing is done in several stages from screen to screen using our testing methodologies. This helps us to ensure that the app is working perfectly without any glitches. After the green signal, the product is then ready to be launched in the market, let people go gaga over your app.

Revolux mobile development offerings

With the continuous efforts to enhance your businesses with the fantastic mobile app development service, we constantly adapt to the best of the technologies and we work towards  raising our standards to achieve our missing of being one of the leading mobile app development companies in India.

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Start-ups are passionate and innovative, just like us. We are also passionate to accelerate your startup from the pre-seed stage till the launch stage. We were also once a startup providing mobile and web solutions and besides focussing on our own growth since so many years, we have taken up the responsibility to shepherding myraid of other companies converting dreams to victory.

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