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Reasons to Join Revolux!

You will be part of our small, smart, spartan like growing team.You will be look at problems in order to find the right solution and learn to stop looking at any problem as a problem but more as an opportunity to derive the best approach or revolutionize the way it has been done before. Learn to be more resourceful, more dependable, and more industrious to deliver successful projects.

Each person in our team is important as we all depend on each other to drive successful results. As an important and integral part of the team, what would be more a more empowering place to be than be with us. What more rewarding than being part of something brilliant with the potential to impact people around the world.

Many who are part of very large organizations with strict corporate structured rules like your seniors, friends or other acquaintances may have complained that they are only given specific task and don’t get to try out other opportunities within the company that you might be capable to handle or learn new things.

Whether it’s writing code, designing new UI, managing projects, or any other task, it’s usually a one-person-fits-one-task kind of position. If that sounds like your job, then, I hate to tell you, but you’re doing something wrong.  Working with us will allows you to try different responsibilities and stretch your limits, even those that you thought you may not have ever liked, but only by trying new things do you discover your true potential and capability. It means it will accelerate your talent and knowledge, you will learn things, grow and offer more in a much shorter time.

All our team members act with authority and responsibility. They are accountable for the results and their actions. And therefore also deserve the appreciation of being successful and no one could take that away from you. Being such a tight knit team it is difficult not to notice a great job done or the reverse in case it happens. We do encourage individual brilliance but also believe in team spirit and helping each other as a team to deliver a collectively superior results is also important.

Help build the right culture and atmosphere that will support you to give your best and grow your company. Offering ideas and good practices that can help shape the working philosophy of your company. While we don’t want to sit and judge you on what you reasonably wear to work, but we WILL judge you on what you say and more so on what you do. So have to take active part to build a culture where talented people come together and make work fun. We are a great, close-knit group that look at every day problems differently, as that is the core of who we are and we always look at problems as an opportunity to do better.

Tremendous opportunity to learn and grow, the scope of learning is actually much more wider, as you are not restricted to one specific function.  We may not be able to pay you as well as some of the bigger corporate and business jobs. You (or your degree) may be worth more than what we are able to pay. But working with us offers a different type of reward: an incentive-based system that isn’t based on dollars, but rather in skills attained and opportunities seized. The experience will outweigh what your friends are hoping to achieve sitting in those plush bigger corporate houses.

Be part of something that will be used by thousands or millions of people gives you pride in your work and a sense of ownership, something not easy to replicate in other working environments.

It’s all about efficiency, creating more and consuming less. Doing more with less.

We are a bunch of highly passionate and enthusiastic team that have a different but professional mindset. Whenever we see a problem and we think of an innovative and efficient way to solve it. Because of this innovative nature, we are some of the best people to learn from.

We approach problems differently, are constantly finding solutions, and are driven to make the most out of our time and work. We hope to spark inspiration at every level, create truly innovative ideas and developments that help business stand out from the rest.

We don’t care if you’re not a graduate yet as long as you have the right attitude, adequate skills, capability to learn new things quickly, creative as well as smart thinking, tenacity and are efficient in your work. Experience is not a criteria for growth, no of years do not count. what matters most is, your skills and your dedication towards your work and get things done.

We Offer Amazing Perks

Work Smart, Enjoy Harder

Just some of the reasons to get you going and oh.. there is so much more..!!!

Interested.. Look at our Job Opportunities.. and even if you don’t see a job opening today that matches your skills, but you are keen to join us then send us your resume with a note around what kind of opportunity would excite you and we will get in touch as soon as something of interest pops up.

Sales Executive (Software)

Mumbai, India.

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Digital Marketing – Internship

Mumbai, India.

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Web Development (Angular 2.0) – Internship

Mumbai, India.

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Graphic & UI/UX Designer – Internship

Mumbai, India.

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Accounts & Admin Executive – Internship

Mumbai, India.

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Android & iOS Developer – Internship

Mumbai, India.

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Content Writer – Internship

Mumbai, India.

  1. Write interesting posts around technology like mobile, web, blockchain, AI including product reviews, online shopping, how-tos, or thought/opinion pieces, etc. basically, anything and everything that’s happening in technology & e-commerce today.
  2. Create useful, valuable content to serve and engage our followers on social networks.
  3. Curate the product/services catalog to make sure everything on the site is accurate.
  4. Read about tech and make sure you are on the top of what’s happening in the world of software technology.
  5. Write at least 30 articles of 1000-1200 words per month.

No. of Jobs / Internships Available: 1

Skill(s) Required:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (Learn SEO), Creative Writing, English Proficiency (Spoken) (Learn Business Communication) and English Proficiency (Written)

Who Can Apply:
Only those candidates can apply who:
are available for the part time job/internship
can start the part time job/internship immediately
are available for duration of 3-6 months
are from Mumbai and neighboring cities
have relevant skills and interests
** Women willing to start/restart their career can also apply.

Other Requirements:
Should be able to write articles of about 1000 words each

Certificate, Letter of recommendation, Job offer, Flexible work hours, Informal dress code, Free snacks & beverages.

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